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LifeSteps With Michael Pritchard

LifeSteps is a powerful and dramatic look into the emotional life of teens as they grapple with the vexing problems and mounting challenges of the complex transition to adulthood. Called "an invaluable addition to school-based curriculum" by the Midwest Book Review and winner of 24 major national awards, including the Parent's Choice Gold Award, LifeSteps helps teens develop the character and social-emotional skills to become responsible, knowledgeable, caring and successful.


Other Programs we have recently produced:

Saving Our Schools From Hate and Violence

This research-based two-part video series provides educators with an invaluable tool for preventing school crises and building critical lines of communication within school communities. For use with middle and high school students, this award-winning-winning program is designed to spark honest and direct conversations about violence and school safety between students, teachers, counselors, and parents.

Produced and directed by Jim Watson. For classroom use for grades 6-12. Leader's Guide included

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Saving Our Schools is made possible by the generous support of:

See's Candies
Helping Make Our Schools Safer and More Caring Places


PeaceTalks is an extremely powerful tool for reaching teenagers and reducing violence. Lively, moving and dynamic, this research-based, award-winning program incorporates multiple approaches shown to be effective in reducing aggression and violence. By combining the caring humor of Michael Pritchard with the "best practices" of violence prevention, PeaceTalks provides teachers and counselors with a unique enhancement to any violence prevention program. An excellent springboard for group discussion, the series includes social-skills training and provides students with practical, easy-to-use techniques for reducing violence and choosing peace.

Red RibbonWeek

Red Ribbon Week is an entertaining and inspirational introduction to the national drug awareness campaign of the same name. The Red Ribbon Week video creates a high level of enthusiasm and excitement for the activities of Red Ribbon Week, as it informs young people about the history and significance of this annual anti-drug campaign. It also encourages students to become actively involved in the compaign at their schools and in their communities.

The Red Ribbon Week video is hosted by Michael Pritchard, who uses his unique talents as a humorist and youth counselor to draw powerful lessons from discussions with kids. In addition, we draw on the personal histories of Kiki Camerena and Ray Lozano to put Red Ribbon Week in perspective and help motivate students. Finally, we show some model activities in a classroom to give some concrete ideas how schools can celebrate Red Ribbon Week.


Coming Soon:

American Kids

A twelve-part character education series for elementary school students, blending history, comedy skits, spontaneous discussion and the unique personality of Michael Pritchard. American Kids will use real events in our national history to learn, explore, and teach about what it means to be an American. In the process, students will gain many personal insights and some basic guideposts for making good choices. Topics include:


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