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enthusiastically pursues active partnerships with the business community, foundations and non-profit organizations to provide positive youth guidance programs for the nation's youth. There are a number of ways your corporation or organization can help.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

The programs at HeartLand Media represents a rare opportunity to make a concrete and lasting contribution towards the solution of some of today's most pressing social problems, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of cost-effective promotion and positive public relations. The underwriting of these programs is the unusual and happy circumstance where social responsibility and self-interest converge. While we can never put a dollar value on something as precious as good will, your underwriting will be an effective use of funds, even by traditional advertising standards. Sponsorship can be structured as either a corporate donation or as an adjunct to your public relations, advertising, or promotion budget. Some of the benefits of sponsoring Heartland projects are :

The ability to make a difference.

Our programs are not documentaries or exposes. They are tools used by thousands of professionals to change behavior. Your underwriting will help our youth make better choices.

Extensive penetration.

Your corporate underwriting credits will be seen by tens of millions of teenagers, educators, and parents every year. In the first six months of PeaceTalks' release, we have distributed over ten thousand programs, each of which will be seen by hundreds of viewers. We have made an excellent start at achieving our goal of having 200,000 copiesof PeaceTalks in circulation with more than 100 million student-viewings in the next six years. In addition we have fed PeaceTalks via satellite to all 346 stations in PBS. Carriage by public television stations will extend the series' access to the majority of the nation's 24 million teenagers and their parents.

Cost-effective promotion.

We work within very tight budgets here at HeartLand Media, so your underwriting dollar will go far. Underwriters will receive credits at the beginning and end of each of our programs, as well as appropriate credit on all our packaging and promotional materials. We follow the new relaxed standards for extended underwriting credits adopted by PBS, which allow product identification.

Attractive teen demographics.

The demographics of our audience are very predictable and reflect today's public school population: teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18, mostly urban and suburban (though our programs are used in more rural districts as well), concentrated in the lower and middle income groups, and more largely minority than the population at large. These demographics will be very attractive to many corporations.

Positive educational context.

Our programs are shown as part of organized educational presentations which has several benefits: it insures the rapt attention of its teen audience, something most advertising cannot do, and it places the sponsor in a very favorable educational context.

The value of good will.

Our programs will be shown in classrooms and churches, in community centers and homes all over the country, for many years to come. For example, we estimate an effective life of ten years for PeaceTalks. It has already been recognized for its high standards of quality and effectiveness, for its contributions to reducing youth violence, and for bringing out the best in our young people. These intangible but very real benefits of our programs are shared by all who help make them possible.

Corporate and employee pride.

Because of the good will generated by our programs they will become a source of pride for the sponsoring organization and its employees. Many opportunities exist to use them as the starting point for local employee community-service programs and volunteer activity.

A formula that works.

Our programs build the history of Michael Pritchard's decades of work with our youth. Our programs join Michael Pritchard's inspirational humor with the compelling drama of real kids struggling to make good choices. This persuasive combination of comedy and peer education has been lauded by educators, media critics, youth advocates, and loved by kids.

A highly professional production and distribution team.

With nearly a decade of experience producing and distributing youth guidance programming, we are experts in every aspect of this process. You can rest assured that your funding will be put to good use and we will achieve our goals of reducing youth violence.

It has been said many times that our youth are the future of our country. By working with HeartLand Media you will be helping ensure that this future is a bright one for both them and for us.

A record for high quality performance:


Winner of 25 major national awards, including:

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